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The all-powerful, fully autonomous, ready-to-go lifecycle marketing system

Entrust KeapFit with your gym’s marketing and operations and watch as it boosts leads, conversions and retention so your KPIs skyrocket.

The muscle to handle the heavy lifting of every member and trialist process. The intelligence to manage cross-platform data points and make actions happen.

KeapFit Interface

Ask yourself...

Are your gym’s marketing systems fragmented, inefficient and labour-intensive?

  • Is your website linked to a CRM?
  • Does your CRM sync with your Mindbody account?
  • Do you have lifecycle marketing stages clearly defined?
  • Are marketing campaigns triggered when a stage goal is reached?
  • Do you have endless manually updated spreadsheets on the go?
  • Are your paid-traffic leads getting lost and forgotten about?
  • Are SMS responses going out promptly after lead capture?
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Ask yourself...

Do you have a detailed picture of customer activity at any given point?

  • How many leads have you generated?
  • What’s your lead-to-trial conversion percentage?
  • What’s your trial-to-member conversion rate?
  • What’s the recontact rate of your leads?
  • Which week has each of your trialists reached?
  • Do you know which members haven’t booked for set periods?
  • How do you identify your low-attending members?
  • How do you know which members have missed reviews?
  • Are you missing members’ birthdays?
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Ask yourself...

Wouldn’t your fitness business perform better if this was all beautifully automated?

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The definitive end-to-end system created by certified experts with insider knowledge

A genuinely seamless end-to-end system is the holy grail of any fitness business owner. And while planning it might appear easy enough, the magic is making everything happen automatically across your digital platforms: your address book, your client booking system, your website, your landing page and your ads manager.

Our crack team of web developers, designers, marketeers, and content writers are all Keap-certified partners and the masterminds behind the benchmark operational systems for W10, the IFBA’s flagship gym. This deep learning put us in the unique position to create the industry’s most powerful automated marketing operations system.

Pure automated power

KeapFit is the only lifecycle marketing system for gyms and personal trainers that features a combination of ‘pro’ Keap automated campaigns and processes, Mindbody API bridges and high-quality written and designed marketing collateral. When fused across your digital platforms, it creates an end-to-end system that gives you the operational and marketing power of heavyweights.

With KeapFit's automated campaigns running, all the appropriate data points are monitored, and the responses are automatically triggered, tracked live in your Keap CRM.

KeapFit Interface

Everything connected
Nothing overlooked

KeapFit utilises API connections to keep your trialists and members in your MindBody account sync'd up together in your CRM.

That means all your contacts (including leads and lapsed) remain updated and segmented in one place, ready for you take action on with your next marketing campaign.

Hello dashboard
Goodbye spreadsheets

Lead spreadsheets, current trialists spreadsheets, lapsed spreadsheets – they all disappear with KeapFit.

All your contacts are automatically tagged and segmented, and when they, or you, perform an action, lists are automatically updated on a personalised dashboard. Manual is no more.

One input
Multiple actions

KeapFit utilises API connections to keep your trialists and members in your MindBody account sync'd up together in your CRM.

That means all your contacts (including leads and lapsed) remain updated and segmented in one place, ready for you take action on with your next marketing campaign.

Leave nothing to chance
Leave no one behind

If a member stops booking sessions or someone’s attendance drops over 30 days, KeapFit automatically raises a notification and updates you and your team.

From there, you decide on the next course of action and follow up with a personalised check-in. Keep everyone on your radar effortlessly and your retention rates high.

Completely aware
Constantly accountable

With automated weekly reports covering outstanding staff tasks, nothing gets sweep under the carpet in your team meetings.

You’ll get relevant reports in advance direct to your inbox, so you’ll be armed and ready to keep your team on your toes.

More Benefits

On and ready to respond

You and your team have limited work hours, but KeapFit never drops the ball. It’s always on, never sleeps, and doesn’t request holiday time. (It’s free of attitude, too.)

Reclaim precious time

With most of your day-to-day ‘standard operating procedures’ automated and delegated to your team, you get time back to work on those ‘big rock ideas’ that will truly change your business.

Manual workflows RIP

No more time-consuming updating of lists updating and double-checking. Human error: eradicated.

A single source of truth

Leads, active, freezes, lapsed: get all your contacts in one place, segmented and ready to rock.

Content and creativity

With 6 e-books, expertly written and designed to reflect your brand, supplied along with their corresponding nurture sequences, you can rest up knowing you’ve no homework to do.

Instant Reaction

With KeapFit, there’s no waiting for EOM to backtrack and update. Instead, live updates mean you can react quickly to ensure you meet your KPIs. No more finger in the wind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is KeapFit a CRM software?

KeapFit is a series of automated campaigns built into Keap Max Classic (formally known as Infusionsoft). Keap Max Classic acts as your CRM software, and KeapFit are campaigns designed and created to work on the powerful features Keap Mac Classic offers.

What software services do I need to utilise KeapFit?

You’ll need a Keap Max Classic app (aka Infusionsoft) and also a Mindbody account. Bridge Buddy acts as the API connection between both platforms.

I don’t currently use a CRM or use another service

As a Keap Certified Partner, we can help find the right Keap app for your business and also offer you partner discounts and competitor switch rewards.

What kind of website do I need to have?

KeapFit is integrated to any open source HTML web platform (like WordPress ). It can also be implemented with Squarespace and Wix websites, but a Zapier account would be required.

Can you plug KeapFit into my sales landing pages?

Landing page builders like ClickFunnels can be hooked up to KeapFit’s campaigns using Zapier.

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